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幸运家庭乐队(美国)Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band(USA)

幸运家庭乐队是格莱美奖和艾美奖的双重获得者,由丈夫Lucky Diaz和太太Alisha Gaddis一起创办。《华盛顿邮报》誉其为“美国新时代儿童音乐的标志”、《今日美国》称他们是“最好的新锐儿童乐队”、《纽约时报》把他们称作“超级巨星”、《人物》杂志说他们是“最酷的儿童音乐家”。他们主创的系列儿童电视节目Lishy Lou and Lucky Too在美国公共电视台(PBS)播放,荣获艾美奖。


Husband and wife duo Lucky Diaz and Alisha Gaddis are two-time Latin Grammy Award and three-time Emmy award winners who have been named ‘THE face of kindie music’ by The Washington Post, ‘SUPERSTARS’ by Red Tricycle, and ‘The Rolling Stones of Kids Music’ by the Style Network. PEOPLE Magazine called their album “The #1 in COOLEST kids’ music!” They are the stars of PBS program ‘Lishy Lou and Lucky Too’ - a color-splashed, family-friendly variety show ala Peewee’s Playhouse. Their hit song “Thingamajig” was named “Song of the Year,” and “A smash hit!” by several parenting publications. NPR exclaimed, “This music is rocking!”

The songs on their five award-winning and acclaimed recordings offer an incredible range aimed at exploring all of the joyous wonder of a young person’s life. The duo has logged thousands of miles touring the country and performing in sold-out venues such as the Smithsonian, Los Angeles Book Festival Target Stage, Skirball Cultural Center, NYC Symphony Space, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and Madison Square Park. Their songs have been featured in a Coca-Cola commercial and they’ve collaborated with GAP, Whole Foods, LEGO, and Discmakers.

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band is on the pulse of all things kids’ music and brings smart, crafty lyrics with irresistibly fresh pop beats. As Zooglobble states, “It’ll take you all of about 15 minutes to become a fan of Lucky Diaz.”

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