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酷哥乐队(荷兰) Hippe Gasten(Holland)



Hippe Gasten is a rock band made for kids. They take kids seriously and use their creativity to make music that kids love and parents enjoy too. They want to create great memories for the kids who come to their shows, especially as its often their young fans’ first rock concert. Their show is energetic and interactive, with the band members getting kids up on stage to show them how to be rock stars. At the end of the show, everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

Hippe Gasten’s latest album is called “One of a Kind.” Through their songs, they emphasize that everyone is unique and tell kids, “Don’t try to be anybody but yourself.”  They appeal to kids and adults alike with their catchy rock beats and lyrics written from a child’s point of a view. Hippe Gasten looks forward to performing for each and every one of their unique fans.