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首次Hand in Hand的观众反馈 1st Festival Audience Reaction

中国第一个适合全家共享的国际音乐盛会:Hand in Hand手拉手首届观众反馈。2017年5月28-6月4日,Hand in Hand手拉手国际儿童音乐节去了上海、重庆、成都、杭州、南通这五座城市、观众超越了15000人。 视频里可以听到他们对Hand in Hand的反馈。

Hand in Hand International Children's Music Festival: The first international music festival in China meant for the whole family. The 15,000 families in Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Nantong and Hangzhou who came to our June show had a blast dancing to the music together. Here's what they had to say about Hand in Hand.