Hand in Hand 国际儿童音乐节的主题是“幸福时光·全家共享”,这是中国第一个适合全家共享的国际性音乐盛宴。音乐节由美国驻华记者 Rebecca Kanthor 和她的中国丈夫刘健共同创办,刘健是位作家和音乐人。Rebecca 和刘健夫妇现在有两个孩子,他们创办这个音乐节的初衷是为了能让自己的孩子看到不同国家的现场音乐,通过音乐去了解世界各国的文化。

Hand in Hand International Children’s Music Festival is China’s first international music festival meant for the whole family. The festival was founded by American journalist Rebecca Kanthor and her husband, Chinese musician and author Liu Jian.  They created the festival to allow their children (and all kids in China) to experience live music from around the world and learn about different cultures through music.

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这是 Hand in Hand 国际儿童音乐节的五年计划。Hand in Hand会在这5年之内,邀请世界上10个国家的最棒、最酷的儿童音乐家,去中国的100座城市表演。2017年Hand in Hand邀请的是来自美国的幸运家庭乐队和来自荷兰的酷哥乐队,在六月、十月和新年前后,去中国的15座城市表演。

Over the next 5 years, Liu Jian and Rebecca will invite the best and coolest children’s music bands from 10 countries around the world to perform in 100 Chinese cities in China. This year they are inviting award-winning Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band from the United States and Hippe Gasten from the Netherlands to tour fifteen cities in June, October and December.

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幸运家庭乐队是格莱美奖和艾美奖的双重获得者,由丈夫Lucky Diaz和太太Alisha Gaddis一起创办。《华盛顿邮报》誉其为“美国新时代儿童音乐的标志”、《今日美国》称他们是“最好的新锐儿童乐队”、《纽约时报》把他们称作“超级巨星”、《人物》杂志说他们是“最酷的儿童音乐家”。他们主创的系列儿童电视节目Lishy Lou and Lucky Too在美国公共电视台(PBS)播放,荣获艾美奖。

Husband and wife duo Lucky Diaz and Alisha Gaddis are two-time Latin Grammy Award and three-time Emmy award winners who have been named ‘THE face of kindie music’ by The Washington Post, ‘SUPERSTARS’ by Red Tricycle, and ‘The Rolling Stones of Kids Music’ by the Style Network. PEOPLE Magazine called their album “The #1 in COOLEST kids’ music!” They are the stars of PBS program ‘Lishy Lou and Lucky Too’ - a color-splashed, family-friendly variety show ala Peewee’s Playhouse. Their hit song “Thingamajig” was named “Song of the Year,” and “A smash hit!” by several parenting publications. NPR exclaimed, “This music is rocking!”



Hippe Gasten is a rock band made for kids. They take kids seriously and use their creativity to make music that kids love and parents enjoy too. They want to create great memories for the kids who come to their shows, especially as its often their young fans’ first rock concert. Their show is energetic and interactive, with the band members getting kids up on stage to show them how to be rock stars. At the end of the show, everyone leaves with a smile on their face.


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